Aurora Life and Health Insurance
To Be Insured Is To Be Assured
Who I am and Why you want to do business with me.
1250 S. Buckley Rd. Aurora CO 80017

About, is owned by Patsy Sanchez.  Patsy took an interest in Insurance in the early 1990s with Life Insurance products.  She and her business partners have since helped thousands of clients with financial guidance to insure their families’ financial prosperity in case of a death, health issues, college funding and retirement plans are in order.

Please do not hesitate to call Chris with any questions you may have regarding any of the services he provides.  Call him at 303-883-3900

Colorado State License number 523176

Aurora Life and Health Insurance
1250 S. Buckley Rd.
Aurora CO 80017

Patsy, you have always presented yourself in a very professional way. Not all the people, that I have had business dealings with have shown the same professionalism. Not any of the other insurance agents that I have ever talked to about insurance for myself and my wife and daughter have been very honest with me, not like you, your honesty is greatly appreciated.  In my wife’s situation with her medical issues, you were the only one of all the people that I talked to that even mentioned Cover Colorado.  I know you did not make any money doing this but at least it covered her and kept us from a catastrophic medical bill. Thank you for your honesty, and very professional manner of conducting business with me. I will continue to refer people to you for life and health insurance. 


Thanks again



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